Monday, August 27, 2012

Project 366 Rewind #34

Rewinding my week...

Sunday-Eighteen weeks her belly is starting to poke out.

Monday-My after school child getting off the bus.

Tuesday there was a huge butterfly outside. But by the time I ran to get my camera, it was gone. But I was able to catch this smaller one.

Wednesday-Vallon playing with our neighbor's dog Pepper.

Thursday-Well, at least Todd can fix it his self.

Friday-Vallon enjoying the ducks at the doctor's office. And we still did not find out if my daughter is having a boy or girl! Two more weeks!

Saturday-Vallon's cousin has a birthday party Sunday, so I made him a card.

And this is my favorite for the month.
Taken in New Orleans, I love the black and white.
Be safe NOLA!
{And my parish is under a voluntarily evacuation!}

And that was our week!
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  1. Great week! Guess the baby is being shy!

  2. the b-day card is awesome! you did a great job!

  3. The black and white shot is amazing. I love it!

  4. Your pictures are always to crisp and clear. Great b&w. Also love the school bus shot.

  5. The last photo should be framed Lori (if you haven't already!)


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