Monday, September 17, 2012

Project 366 Rewind #37

Last week I seem to be non stop, always something to do , something going on. It sure made the week go by fast!

Here is some of it in rewind...

Sunday- I began working on Vallon's birthday party invitations. I did finish that afternoon. His birthday isn't until Halloween, but this is out of the way!

Monday-Sweet pretty little Em came to spend the night with us. She wasn't feeling well though.

Tuesday-LOVE this shot I took of Todd shooting his bow. It took about seven times but I got that arrow in the air!

 Wednesday-Finally caught the humming bird! Ah, I had to be patient! Is there white humming birds? I swear one flew to the feeder. I missed it cause I was in shock!

 Thursday-I opened an Etsy shop. I will made a cute header later.

 Friday-I cooked the best roast ever! Hehe! Thanks to this crock pot!

Saturday-Vallon brought me a balloon poodle, so cute! He is so thoughtful!

Well, that's it!
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  1. Nice catch on the hummer! They are quick. I hear them before I see them, and haven't gotten a shot of one this year. Joining you from rewind.

  2. I must say that your roast does look great!

  3. Great week! That pot roast looks amazing!

    Cool catch with the hummingbird too... I'm never fast enough.

  4. Cool to catch the arrow in the air and the hummingbird. That roast looks amazing! Licking my chops ;0)


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