Monday, October 8, 2012

Project 366 Rewind #40

Happy Monday!
The weather has been awesome this weekend!
Actually feels like Fall!

Sunday-We enjoyed ice cream on a hot day!

Monday-Visited the library to pick up Fall books for preschool.

 Tuesday-Vallon caught a baby toad and gave it a new home for the day. I convinced him to let it go.

Wednesday-Mallie enjoying a ride on Todd's shoulders.

 Thursday-Bought the baby a couple of cute onsies.

Friday-I took this shadow shot for the photo a day on IG.

Saturday-We went to the Truck and Tractor pull. He had a blast.



  1. Love the picture of Vallon at the tractor pull - he is clearly enthralled! Congrats on being a top pic!

  2. i had to google what was a Truck and Tractor pull! hahah. and your child is a loving kid. :) just look at how he acts around animals. congrats!

    {the Picablocks}

  3. Love the tractor pull image! What a cutie.

  4. your shadow shot is very cool!

  5. Cool shadow shot and toad! Love the last picture too at the tractor pull. You can see how into it he is.


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