Monday, January 30, 2012

Project 366 Rewind | Week 4

Naptime Momtog

This is my favorite photo for the month:

I'm getting better at remembering I need to get a picture everyday.  
I wake up now thinking about it. Does anyone else do that? 

Sunday- I finished the birthday cards for my twin nieces. 

Monday  morning  I wanted to try my hand at shooting droplets. I laid a tarp on the wet ground  and gave it a try.  I was hoping for clearer images, but this was my first attempt. I still like what  I have. I have a different image on my Wordless Wednesday post.

Tuesday on the back  porch, seems the rain is here  for awhile.

Wednesday I went outside to get  pictures of the neighbors chickens, of course they ran off when they saw me coming. But this guy was at the front door so I snapped a few of  him.

Thursday this guy was trying hard to play with the puppy, but she kept running away.

Friday -  We had a party going on around here!  Happy 2nd birthday little Big Girl!

Saturday my niece and I found a new antique shop and this is what I found! 

And this was my week in pictures, see ya next week!

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