Monday, February 6, 2012

Project 366 Rewind | Week 5

Naptime Momtog

So lets rewind my week!
As I was preparing for this post, I started thinking, what day was what?!
I mean, I should write this down as each day goes by of the photos I have taken.

Sunday evenings beautiful sky

Monday I tried the droplets again
Tuesday-one of our reading books for the week in daycare
Wednesday-I didn't put my camera  back to its original setting and I took this in B&W.
It's my Carolina Jasmine in bloom thinking it's Spring. I love it like this so I didn't change the setting back for this shot.
Thursday-Someone has a new toy!

Friday-My grandson is here for a few days and we bought him a new Pillow Pet.

Saturday-Outside enjoying the day!

And this was my week in photos!
Have a great week!

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