Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Egrets Tones and Textures

Today I found myself playing around with this photo of an egret I took recently. I love this bird  and the photo I took, he was just so still taking in his moment.

For this first one I really just lightened and gave a little contrast, then cropped the photo. 

 This one I changed to Black and White, cropped and lightened a bit.
 For this one I added a vintage feel and lomo, I like this one.

And lastly for this one I cloned out the background to give more of the bayou feel and added a texture from A Rural Journal called Victoria, @ 88% Soft Light.

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  1. Love all the different feels! Great photo Lori!

  2. Oooh hard to choose a favorite, they all have a different feel!

  3. Definitely hard to choose a favorite ~ They are all excellent ~ What a shot! ~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Neat capture of an erget. The first picture is my favorite.

  5. This is a great shot! I love all of your edits! I think the first one is my favorite!

  6. I really like the cropping on the first one. It accentuates the height of the bird well. And I love the coloring in the vintage/lomo edit. What a fun pic to play around with!

  7. beautiful shots!!!! I love the black and white

  8. Really like your vintage look edit, and what a great opportunity to photograph this beautiful bird.

  9. I love the vintage photo. Great work



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