Thursday, September 13, 2012

Alphabe-Thursday | Letter Q

Jenny Matlock

Q is for Quartet 

Yes, there are a couple of guys in the background, but hey, they aren't doing anything!
So, go with with me on this one,what we have here is a Quartet!

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  1. Great picture for the letter! I love that about cities - music everywhere!

  2. Wonderful photo! We have small bands play outside the downtown Public Market every once and a while, and they can be fun to watch.

  3. Looks like the French Quarter in New Orleans! Maybe it IS the Quarter!
    Great photo -- the two sitting out don't count!

  4. Quite an interesting shot! I love photography and wish I had more opportunity to shoot. Maybe this weekend I will have an opportunity to just that. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling off so I can enjoy being outdoors more. What a quaint Q-post!

  5. Great shot! I can almost hear them playing!

  6. Love the fun of music, whether it's a quartet, or a quintet:):)

  7. great little quartet with BIG instruments! {:-D

  8. Hello,
    I feel like dancing! (lol) Great shot! Thanks for sharing.

    Quench My Fire

  9. I love that kind of music!

    You're getting really close to 100! So fun!

    I'm already sign up I believe, but I'll check just to be sure!

    Thanks for quite a fun little link to Alphabe-Thursday's letter "Q".


  10. How strange.

    I was certain I was following you, but it didn't show up so I signed up again!

    Woo hoo!


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