Monday, April 23, 2012

Project 366 | Week #16

Not to much going on last week, working and taking pictures.
But it's my kinda life!

Let's rewind!

 Monday-I thought I'd share my Lantana bush that blooms so well in the Spring. My daughter would call this the itchy plant as a child because they make you itch only when messing with them.  

 Tuesday- Received the Butterfly Lore for the daycare, they are enjoying this so much! Can't wait for butterflies! As I'm typing they are making their chrysalis! The kids will be so excited to see this.

 Wednesday-We made bird nest out of yarn in daycare.

 Thursday- My miniature rose has a new bloom! 

Friday-Todd working on the ABS. We just need a new truck. 

Saturday morning I shot this fellow on the fence, so exciting!

Sunday my daughter and her friend Macy came home from Louisiana Mudfest! I'm surprised they let me take this picture, anyway they are still beautiful! 

Naptime Momtog

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our week!


  1. Great week! Love that flowering bush! The squirrel is too funny like that!

  2. These are so great. I love the rose, so fun about the larvae and I love the squirrel photo.

  3. Great shots this week! (what's new?!) Your man looks very manly working on his truck, & yay for butterflies coming soon!

    Your daughter & her friend are gorgeous!

  4. My ABS went out on my truck about two years ago and I actually don't miss it. Lol.

  5. I think that is too classic that your daughter and friend posed for the photo even tho as well. Most girls would have run. Thank you Lori for stopping by Sanukipity Photography and leaving the kind words.


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