Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Fun

Good morning every one, I hope every one's Father's Day is very enjoyable! Have dad kick up his feet on his special day! :)

Scavenger Hunt Sunday items are:
Meet me at the Corner
Mother Nature Meets Technology
One step at  a Time
What's wrong with this Picture?
Standing Tall

1.Meet me at the Corner
I've never seen a pink limo!

2. Mother Nature Meets Technology

3. One Step at a Time

4.What's wrong with this Picture?
Really, at five stories high?!
(click photo to enlarge)

5. Standing Tall

   Weekly Top SHOT


  1. What a wonderful set of shots you have! Especially love the Mother Nature - we have some of the same holes on the pole outside our house!

  2. First of all... I love your blog header! Very cute! And second, these are all great!! I've never seen a pink limo either! I really want to ride in one now :-)

  3. These are awesome! whats wrong with this picture is Hilarious, I love the pink limo awesomeness!

  4. Love the woodpecker on the utility pole!

  5. Wow! Great set, seriously great.

  6. I love this series of shots... the light in the third shot is splendid! Thank you Lori, for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #35.

  7. It took me a moment to connect the mother nature meet technology picture - very creative, and a great picture!

    I also love the composition of the "meet me at the corner" pic and the "one step at a time" pic :)

  8. Your "one step at a time" has such a dreamy quality to it. Fantastic!

  9. Love the "Mother Nature meets Technology" shot!!

  10. These were all great. My Top 2 picks:
    Mother Nature Meets Technology and What's Wrong With This Picture.

  11. Lori -- wow! You did great with this collection! Love the Mother Nature shot. Awesome!

    Thank you for sharing at YSB this week. xoxo

  12. Crazy beautiful as always Lori! Mother Nature Meets Tech... brilliant.

  13. I love the perspective on one step at a time.


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